Saturday, September 10, 2005

FEMA Discontinues Debit Card Plan.

Despite that President Bush said Thursday that FEMA will continue distributing $2,000 debit cards for the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina, FEMA has announced that it will discontinue the plan. FEMA will scrap the program once officials finish distributing cards in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. No cards will be issues to victims in other states.

FEMA Director Michael Brown had announced the debit card program to quickly get money to the neediest families “to make their own decisions about what do they need to have to start rebuilding their lives.” Brown failed to say that the program only applied to those evacuated to President Bush’s home state of Texas.

FEMA announced that other hurricane victims will have to get much needed funds from direct bank deposits instead, by applying for aid through FEMA’s website. No word yet if FEMA will offer internet access to evacuees left with virtually nothing, some of them just the clothes on their backs.


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