Saturday, September 10, 2005

FEMA Flies Evacuees To Wrong Location.

CNN is reporting that FEMA has flown fleeing evacuees from the disaster left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to the wrong destination.

On Tuesday FEMA gave South Carolina health officials only a half-hour notice to prepare for the arrival of a plane carrying 180 evacuees heading for Charleston. However the plane arrived 400 miles away in Charleston, West Virginia.

Dr. John Simkovich, director of public health for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control said, “We called in all the available resources.” Simkovich went on to say, “They responded within 30 minutes, which is phenomenal, to meet the needs of the citizens coming in from Lousiana.”

Simkovich said that FEMA told him that some of the evacuees needed “some minor treatment…possibly some major treatment.” Simkovich said, “Unfortunately, the plane did not come in,” as a line of buses and ambulances lay idle behind him at Charleston International Airport.


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