Saturday, September 10, 2005

Canadians Arrived In New Orleans Five Days Before The U.S. Military.

Reuters is reporting that Canadian flags are flying in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana after a Canadian search and rescue team helped save trapped residents. Louisiana state senator Walter Boasso praised the forty-six members of the Vancouver-based Urban Search and Rescue Team, that arrived in St. Bernard Parish 5 full days before any American rescue units. The volunteers worked 18 hour days rescuing 119 people.

Notes for the geography-challenged:
Distance from Washington, D.C. and New Orleans: 955 miles.
Distance from Crawford, Texas and New Orleans: 458 miles.
Distance from Vancouver and New Orleans: 2,179 miles.


Anonymous charmaine said...

This is one of my favorite Hurricane Katrina stories. These people took it on themselves to do this. The people of St. Bernard probably felt as though they had been visited by angels. They are now flying Canadian flags all over that town.

I can still hear that ghoul Chertoff saying "You can't fly helicopters in a hurricane. You can't drive trucks in a hurricane." The problem with this statement? He was answering a question about why there was no relief coming in to victims three days after the hurricane had passed through. Did he know it had been that long? Of course he did. He must have gotten his talking points memo that morning. It had Mehlman's crassness written all over it.

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