Monday, September 26, 2005

It Was All A Lie.

The Newhouse News Service is reporting that reports of violence and chaos at the Superdome was wildly overstated.

After days of reports of murders, rapes, gang violence, even to infants, FEMA doctors prepared for the most as they arrived with a refrigerated 18-wheeler and three doctors to remove and process the bodies.

Louisiana National Guard Col. Thomas Beron said a FEMA doctor told him that he’d been given “a report of 200 bodies in the Dome.”

However, it seems that the media reports of the violence in the Superdome was wildly inaccurate. The total dead inside the Superdome? Just six. How many of them were murdered? None.

Four died from natural causes, one overdosed and another committed suicide, said Beron, who personally oversaw the handoff of bodies to state health officials. The official count of the dead came to 10, but Beron said that it included four bodies that were found in the street outside the Dome. None of them had been murdered.


Anonymous charmaine said...

As soon as I saw this story on the Times Picayune site, I bookmarked it for printing purposes. My rightwing acquaintances need to read this.

I said all along that these stories were exaggerations, and outright propaganda. When I saw Tony Zumbado on MSNBC giving his account of what was happening to the people left behind to die, and told us all that he saw no evidence of crimes, I knew we needed to be sceptical of everything after that.

This was a plan to dehumanize the poor and the minorities in New Orleans. The government and their cronies have a different idea for the future of that city, and those poor and minority residents are now former residents in that dirty scheme.

7:58 AM  

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