Saturday, August 06, 2005

The State Of The Union.

Net jobs created under Clinton: 22 million.
Net jobs created under Bush: 0.
Average monthly jobs created under Clinton: 239,000.
Bush’s great number this month?: 207,000.
Record breaking Dow highs under Clinton: 59.
Record breaking Dow highs under Bush: so far…0.
US infant mortality rate: 6.63 per 1000 births, 36th in the world, even below that of Cuba.
Percentage of GDP of US domestic manufacturing: 12.9%, the lowest level in our national history.
US literacy in comparison to other nations: 49th in the world.
US mathematical literacy in comparison to other nations: 28th in the world.
US rank of overall health performance by the World Health Organization: 37th in the world.
US rank in per capita spending on health care: 1st in the world.
Unnecessary American deaths per year from the lack of health insurance: 18,000.
Number of American families that struggle just to feed themselves: 12 million.
US rank out of the 20 most developed countries in total worker compensation: 20th.
Percentage of US children born out of wedlock: 33%.
Percentage of US children who live in a one-parent household: 50%.
Number of Americans who have fallen into poverty since 2000: 4 million.
Percentage of Americans who live in poverty at least 2 months out of the year: 34.2%.
Number of Americans living in severe poverty (incomes below half of the poverty line): 15.3 million


Blogger MiamiMiami said...

Your numbers use Cuba as an example? HA! Have you visited the paradise of Cuba recently? And then you blame the number of children born out of wedlock on Bush? Are you kidding? This coming from the party full of the "freelove" and "If it feels good then do it" crowd. HAHAHAHA. My belly hurts from that one. And then the number of one-parent households? That was a phenomenon that was encouraged during the Clinton years Alva. You can't be serious.

Pretty bleak picture here. And I am sure that these numbers came from a truly non-aprtisan source as well. Since you won't release the source of them.

I know, I know you are just reporting the news.

But with such bleak numbers why do people still want to come here? I mean literally placing their own lives at risk to come here. Including Cubans! I mean with children dying here at a rate higher than Cuba why would preganant mothers from the island paradise of Cuba come here so that their kids have a greater chance of dying. It baffles me! Why would Mexicans run the risk of being killed crossing the border (that's what the ACLU thinks will happen to them if we don't help them cross into the border) just to be of the workforce that has such miserable numbers?

My guess is that you have never met someone who came to this country from places like Mexico or Cuba. Your priority is to bash this country and for you and your ilk "bad news" is good news. You probably cringe everytime something positive happens for Americans becuase it shows more defeat for the radial left in this country.

Alva your blog only shows others what a true intellectual minority your kind represents. My advice is to leave to a country where you will live better than here, if you can. Somewhere you can sit back in your nice air-conditioned home, sipping your Starbucks Frappucino, watching CNN, and lamenting how your party was disinfranchised in 2000.

6:07 AM  

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