Thursday, August 18, 2005

America Lit By Candlelight.

On Wednesday night more than 1,500 Antiwar candlelight vigils were held all across the United States, calling for an end of the US occupation of Iraq. Cindy Sheehan, still camped outside of Bush’s property, called for the vigils.

A mother of a solder wounded in Iraq said at a vigil in Washington DC, “What is unforgivable is that you betrayed our idealistic American sons and daughters who trustingly placed their lives in your hands. we, their mothers, will not let you move on with your life.”

Meanwhile, Camp Casey is being joined by a growing number of people to join Cindy’s protest. Among them are several parents of soldiers killed in Iraq, Minnesota State Senator Becky Lourey, whose son died in Iraq, FBI whistleblower Colleen Rowley, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Cindy said, “Our spirits are always good here at Camp Casey cause we feel the support of everybody around the world.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little earlier today, I saw the commercial made by Gold Star Families for Peace that has Cindy Sheehan talking to Bush, asking him to answer her question, "What was the noble cause" that her son, Casey, died for.

I would like to know that answer, though not for exactly the same reason as Ms. Sheehan. The problem for Bush, of course, is that if he isn't honest about the answer, it will be obvious, because we all know now that he lied about all of the reasons for the war. If he tells the truth, it's all over. That's because there is no noble cause.

Is greed a noble cause? Is wanting permanent bases in the Middle East a noble cause? Is beefing up the income of the military industrial complex a noble cause?

Is destroying a sovereign country, and it's civilian population, for a cheap supply of oil a noble cause? Is the privatizing of all of that country's businesses, for his fascist corporate friends, a noble cause?

There is no noble cause, is there, Mr. Bush?


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