Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Yes, the 2006 elections are almost here. Well, not really, but some of the races are beginning to get interesting. Florida Republicans are begging Katherine Harris (the Florida Secretary of State in 2000 that handed the Presidency to the current squatter in the White House) NOT to run for Senate, amid her loose lips of admitting that she is not quite right in the head.

Then there is the woman who is sure to oust Hillary Clinton from her NY Senate seat, Jeanine “Where’s page 10?” Pirro. Pirro, a frequent Fox News contributor (Fox News has been promoting her candidacy…who wouldda guessed?), and the District Attorney in Westchester County, made her absolutely fabulous candidacy announcement, which, as you can see from the video, got a bit side-tracked when a page of the speech went missing.

But the more bizarre was yet to come. In her speech, Pirro claimed, “I have taken on the mob.” But according to a Mafia informant, her husband leaked confidential material from a Westchester District Attorney investigation. Unfortunately for Pirro, the New York Daily News chimed in, reporting that she has actually “pocketed nearly $12,000 in campaign checks from firms and associates with alleged links to organized crime.”


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-charmaine- says:
Every time I see Jeanine Pirro, all I can think of is that scene of her looking fruitlessly for "page 10". The single most hilarious campaign sabotage of all time.

This latest twist of corruption actually made her look more like a true politician. Corruption has worked well for her party.

So, "I have taken on the mob" in truth means, I have taken them on as campaign contributors? That proves my case!


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