Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Iraq Constitutional Deadline Passed.

The negotiations on a new Iraqi constitution remained deadlocked until after the August 15th deadline. U.S. ambassador Almay Khalilzad attempted to break the deadlock by presenting a U.S.-backed draft of the Iraqi Constitution, which one Kurdish legislator described as a “almost full version of a constitution”. He went on to day that “The US officials are more interested in the Iraqi constitution than the Iraqis themselves”. By Iraqi law, new elections must now be held to restart the entire process, however chances are that the Iraqi National Assembly will ask for an time extension, despite that the deadline for extensions expired the 1st of August.


Blogger MiamiMiami said...

So they need an extra week to draft a country's constitution. What is the big story here? How long did it take for this country to draft and ratify our own consitution? A lot longer than the Iraqi's that's for sure. This is democracy in action. There are disagreemnts. We had them when drafting our own contitution. Or are you that myopic with regards to history....

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