Thursday, December 22, 2005

Man You Are A Big Pussy…A Message From MiamiMiami.

Subject: Man you are a big pussy
Date: 12/22/2005 12:14:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
I see that you have prevented me from posting. It’s ok. But remember this if you will. You speak so much about freedom of speech that you can’t handle it when someone consistently hands you your own ass. If it weren’t for folks like me giving you counter point I don’t think anyone would have even read your silly rants. But I guess by “banishing” from posting on your blog I guess your fear of the truth is finally confirmed.

I will tell you what though. I am a generous person. Whenever I do post my own blog I will give you free reign to post at will and even encourage your debate because I do understand the freedoms of speech. I helped protect them. So as far as I am concerned enjoy the silence.
By all means, feel free to comment however you like. However, your comments must follow the guidelines I laid out. Thank you for your comments to my post Welcome Back COINTELPRO!, however since you could not be 1. Polite and courteous, and 2. Copy and paste entire paragraphs of what was previously said, I was forced to delete them. Feel free to try again, this time following the commentary guidelines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Alva I guess censorship works well for you since you obviously have trouble arguing with the truth. But if you want to have a true experience of open debate where you are free to pine as you wish then visit my blog at Evil Conservative. But i doubt you would because it would require you to deal with certain truths that might be harmful to your fragile sensabilities.

P.S. if this comment doesn't end up being published you and I will both know it's because of your fear, not mine.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops that was supposed to be Evil Right Winger. Sorry it's tough when youo're so evil as I am.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Alva Goldbook said...

this guy can't even link to his own blog correctly...i'm wondering when his second post will be.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Alva Goldbook said...

> if you can't follow the simple guidelines, which really is not unreasonable,
> then i will not publish them. Censorship has nothing to do with it. You have
> no right to spam my blog. you're completely welcome to comment all you
> like...all you have to do is follow the same guidelines that EVERYONE has
> followed.
> The difference is that NO ONE has had to be told to do so...even other
> conservatives.
> which site is it? or
> either case, one site is non-existent, and the
> other one has a single post
> about once every 3 months.

It is censorship. Again I expect that from a walking contradiction like
yourself. But again it is and you are welcomed
to post your comments without being censored or blocked. It is a freedom a
fought for and gladly extend to you, the misguided and selfish liberal.

He fights for truth...freedom...and the right to spam blogs. God bless America.

12:55 PM  

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