Friday, September 02, 2005

Voices From New Orleans.

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin issued a statement saying that thousands of remaining residents could die if remaining water supplies are cut off or contaminated. Nagin went on to say that 50,000 residents were still on rooftops or shelters awaiting rescue. New Orleans is “holding on by a thread, “ Nagin said. “Time has run out.”

Supply trucks began arriving at the New Orleans Convention Center, where up to 20,000 hungry and desperate citizens are stranded even though the site is accessible by vehicles. For the last two days corpses have lain abandoned outside the building.

Michael Levy, a New Orleans resident said of the single truck convoy that entered to city said, “Hell no, I’m not glad to see them. They should have been here days ago. I ain’t glad to see ’em, I’ll be glad when 100 buses show up.” Levy went on to day that “We’ve been sleeping on the ... ground like rats.”

Mayor Nagin told WWL-AM Thursday of the slow federal response, “They don’t have a clue what's going on down there.” Nagin went on saying, “Excuse my French, everybody in America, but I am pissed.”

Here are some of the voices from New Orleans outside the city convention center.

Meanwhile Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco had a different message. Speaking of the Louisiana National Guard’s orders to control looters, she said, “They have M-16s and they’re locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so, and I expect they will.”


Blogger MiamiMiami said...

It's impossible to have these resources there any quicker unfortunately. It sucks I know because we went through the same problem after Andrew in 1992 and THAT was NOTHING in comparison to this.
One of the problems that we had a better handle on after the storm in 1992 was the looting and crime. Wtihout the hinderance of flooded streets and an ample supply of armed citizens and police it was quelled a lot quikcer which also helped with the relief effort.
But even with that being said South Floridqa still took several years to rebuild.

It's gonna be a very very long time before we see New Orleans they way it was before if ever at all.

7:25 PM  

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