Friday, September 02, 2005

Horrendous Conditions At City Convention Center.

In New Orleans, horrific scenes are being reported inside and outside of the City’s Convention Center. Outside an old man lays dead in a long chair. Nearby a corpse of an elderly woman lay in a wheelchair, coved in a blanket. Another dead body lays at her feet wrapped in a white sheet. Inside the center thousands of city residents are struggling to stay alive with little food, water, and no electricity. Mayor Nagin said “the convention center is unsanitary and unsafe and we’re running out of supplies.” While federal relief officials have played virtually no role in helping out those stranded at the convention center, FEMA head Michael Brown admitted on CNN that his agency didn’t even know of the thousands of hungry refugees that were inside the convention center. Until Thursday, the only food inside came after people caught inside broke into the center’s food-service area to retrieve water and goods.


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