Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Navy Pilots Reprimanded For Saving Hurricane Victims.

The New York Times has reported that two Navy helicopter pilots and their crews were reprimanded after aiding 100 hurricane victims to their safety last Tuesday. The Commander of the unit, Michael Holdener defended the reprimand saying, “we all want to be the guys who rescue people. But they were told we have other missions we have to do right now and that is not the priority.”

Commander Holdener then ordered a halt to civilian relief efforts. One of the Lieutenants who aided the hurricane victims was removed from the squadron’s rotation and temporarily assigned to oversee a kennel designed to hold pets of service members.


Blogger MiamiMiami said...

I suppose this is in someway to mean that the current administration or the military is doing this to hurt the poeple that need saving but you fail to take something into perspective. In the military there are reasons why orders have to be followed regardless of how you feel about them. Those in the field cannot see the bigger picture and if everyone just deliniated from their orders you would have chaos. That's why you follow legal orders and change them to your whim. People die sometimes because orders aren't followed.

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