Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Michael Brown Lies To Congress.

The former head of FEMA, Michael Brown has again come under fire, as the GOP-led investigation into what went wrong to the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina is underway on Capital Hill. The Republican led investigation, which Democrats have boycotted, calling it a white wash, yesterday saw the former FEMA head coming under intense criticism.

One of the only two Democrats attending the hearing, Representative Gene Taylor of Mississippi, who lost his home in the hurricane, said, “You can try to throw as much as you can on the backs of Louisianans, but I’m a witness as to what happened in Mississippi. You folks fell on your face.”

Congressman Chris Shays (R-CT), asked Brown how he coordinated the evacuation of New Orleans. Brown’s response was, “By urging the governor and the mayor to order the mandatory evacuation.” Shays asked, “And that’s coordinating?” Brown replied saying, “What would you like for me to do, congressman?” Shays response was, “And that’s why I’m happy you left [FEMA].”

Additionally, Michael Brown told Congress that Louisiana Governor Blanco neglected to the adjacent parishes of New Orleans in her disaster relief request. Unfortunately for Brown, the evidence indicates otherwise.


Anonymous charmaine said...

I was apoplectic over Brown's BS about Gov Blanco not asking for the southeast Parishes to be included in the disaster request. I've been following the story since I saw the missing Parishes on the federal website shortly after Katrina made landfall. I quickly found that it wasn't Louisiana that left them out.

Of course Brown isn't the only one to blame for the terrible response, but he deserves his fair share of it. Now he's acting and talking like he's the victim.

10:59 AM  

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