Friday, April 27, 2007

The First Democratic Debate.

The mainstream media has concluded that in the first Democratic debate there was no clear and decisive winner. However, the Rubert Murdock owned The Times of London seems to have concluded that Hilary Clinton was the only real winner.

What debate were these corporate hacks watching? As far as I could see, it was a half dozen candidates bantering in group-think, while Congressman Kucinich played with them like mice. But Kucinich wasn’t the only cat on the prowl the other night on MSNBC. I was particularly startled by a guy the media has managed to ignore so well that even I had never heard of him. That’s right: Former Alaska Senator Michael Gravel.

Who is Michael Gravel? For one, he was one of the key Senators who ended the Vietnam war by cutting off the war funding for miserable part of US history. In addition, he was one of the guys who put what’s now known today as The Pentagon Papers into public record. Gravel is also a proponent for a National Initiative which would give every US citizen equal lawmaking power with Congress. Hell yes!

To get a taste of this guy, which him respond to the other candidates when discussing ending the Iraq War.


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