Saturday, March 31, 2007

Is Life Too Weird Or What?

It’s sometimes interesting to just take a look around at government websites. You sometimes find the strangest things. Like today, I was looking at The White House’s website discussing those lovely Health Savings Accounts.

True, health care in the United States is now so poor that Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the United States, but things are changing soon in the good ole US of A with the wonders of Health Savings Accounts.

It seems that the idea behind these HSAs is that when the health insurance industry comes to rape you when you get sick, at least you’ll have a savings account to help ease the pain of their health care wonder worms forcefully penetrating your diseased unmentionables. We should also forget for a moment that these HSAs could prove to be quite pointless as the net savings rate of Americans are now in the negative numbers to begin with, not to mention that the cost of treating cancer today costs somewhere in the half a million dollars price range.

What’s interesting though, is that the White House has a Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy concerning issues of health care. Who better to discuss with you the easing of your health care rape than that special assistant having the name of Julie Goon. Is life too fucking weird or what?


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