Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus Looses His Mind.

These kind of stories I typically avoid, simply because they’re not as important then they’re made out to be by the media.

But I leave it at this: Don Imus shouldn’t loose his job, nor should he be suspended.

Instead, what he should have to do is do his radio show out on the street in Brooklyn and have Paul Mooney over for one segment per week.

What we should be wondering, is why is the Reich wing media trying to turn Imus' comments into a political issue? You find this each and every time among Reich wingers. There is a never-ending attempt to try to legitimize racism. And they will try to legitimize it by any way they can.

Recently, Democrats have managed to prevent having Democratic presidential debates on the Fox Noise Channel. Then it looked like the Congressional Black Caucas would sponsor another debate on Fox, but Barack Obama backed out of it, effectively ending that debate.

So I have something to ask of our fellow Americans of African decent. If the Reich wing media is going to try to make traction by defending the racist comments of Imus, then no black American should go on the Fox Noise Channel.

Not that this will prevent the Fox Noise Channel from defending racist comments…but they will look like the freaking jackasses they are when the only person they can get on the air to talk about Imus’ crap is Michael Richards.


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