Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election 2006.

A day before the election Bill O’Reilly claimed that the election turnout for 2006 would be quite low. The “surprise” is that the mid-term elections had record turnout. In the state of Virginia, we saw an all time record turn out for a mid-term election, with a total turnout being comparable to a Presidential election year, at a total turnout of about 40% of the total registered voters. In comparison, the 1994 election that swept Republicans into control of Congress saw a turn out of only 27% of the registered voters.

As everyone now knows, it seems the American People actually did like the Democrats, as they took a commanding control of the House, taking out nearly 30 Republican incumbents. In the various governorship elections across the country the Democrats won 6 more seats, commanding a healthy majority of state governor offices. And in the Senate the Democrats unseated 5 incumbents, and looks set to unseat a 6th in Virginia’s George Allen seat, giving the Democrats a 51 seat majority in the Senate.

It turns out that sometimes democracy does work. And to the Republicans, let me just say this…neaner neaner neaner.


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