Friday, July 07, 2006

Calling All Wing Nuts.

Earlier today I came across this wonderful site called Calling All Wingnuts and found it absolutely hilarious. The guy who does the site regularly calls every Reich wing radio show he can and gives them a piece of his mind. What a wonderful idea!

Then, I got to thinking, why don’t all of us do this? Suppose that just a fraction of us who read Daily Kos or Democratic Underground did this on a semi-regular basis? And it would be fun!

Just out of curiosity I went on over to the GOP’s website. Right on the webpage they have this interesting link. It is a listing of every Reich wing radio show I could think of, and their call-in numbers. I wonder why the RNC had to do this, perhaps they need all the callers for their shows these days that they can muster. Actually, I would bet ya that if you asked them to pay you to call into these programs they probably wouldn’t mind breaking off some bread with you.

But that’s neither here nor there. So in the spirit of Ann Coulteresque plagiarism I decided to copy and paste all their listings here. For those of you with a not-so-Nazi bent, feel free to use these listings to your heart’s desire. Of course, the Reich wing nut bags do regularly screen the other side out as much as possible, but I’ve found that if you accuse the talk show host of being “too liberal” on whatever issue you want to talk about, they’re be more than glad to let you on.

The Rush Limbaugh Show 1-800-282-2882
Sean Hannity Show 1-800-941-7326
The Laura Ingraham Show 1-800-449-8255
Hugh Hewitt Show 1-800-520-1234
The Mike Gallagher Show 1-800-655-MIKE
Imus in the Morning 1-800-370-4687
Michael Reagan Show 1-800-468-MIKE
G. Gordon Liddy Show 1-800-GG-LIDDY
The Michael Medved Show 1-800-955-1776
The Lars Larson Show 1-866-509-LARS
Neal Boortz Show 1-877-310-2100
Glenn Beck Show 1-888-727-BECK
Rusty Humphries Show 1-800-449-8255
Bill Bennett's Morning in America 1-866-680-6464
The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly 1-877-9-NO-SPIN
The Jim Bohannon Show 1-866-505- 4626
Dr. Laura 1-800-DR-LAURA
Janet Parshall's America 1-800-343-9282
Michael Savage Show 1-800-449-8255
The Larry Elder Show 1-800-222-5222
The Dennis Prager Show 1-877-243-7776
News Beat with Blanquita Cullum 1-800-510-TALK
Dateline Washington with Greg Corombus 1-800-510-TALK
Battle Line with Alan Nathan 1-800-510-TALK
Hot Talk with Scott Hennen 1-800-279- 9329
The Bob Grant Show 1-800-321- 8828
The Dolans Show 1-800-321- 0710
Good Day USA 1-877-541-5250
Jason Jarvis Show 1-860-676-8306
Common Sense Radio With Ollie North 1-888-99-NORTH
Point of View 1-800-351-1212
The Don Kroah Show 1-888-293-9282
The Ken Hamblin Show 1-800-462-6479


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