Friday, April 14, 2006

It’s Time To Strike.

With our nation headed down the tubes, with the war on the middle class, with an endless bloody war in Iraq, and the Squatter in the White House trying to whip up a nuclear war with Iran, many progressives are feeling uncomfortable, frustrated, and even helpless. I have heard so many say, “I don’t know what to do.”

But the answer is simple. Progressives made one major mistake in 2004. We put all our eggs in one basket, that was, do everything possible to get John Kerry elected. It worked, but the election, again, was stolen, this time in Ohio. This left 50% of the country holding a bag with broken eggs. Should we do the same thing this time, just waiting and hoping that the Democrats can take back the House and Senate? Obviously, that should be something we all should be working for, but we must not make the same mistake as we did in 2004.

What is utterly amazing to me is that the answer which so eludes us is right under our noses. All we must do is take a good hard look at the war machine that is the US Military Industrial Complex, and simply say, “I’m not going to participate anymore.” It starts with all of us, right here, right now. It is a nation-wide general strike.

One would have to wonder that a general strike would be the most difficult thing we could possibly pull off, just imagine the organization involved! But really, it’s not that difficult. All you have to do is just say, “Stop”. Stop consuming. Stop going to work. Call in sick if you can. Make your living costs drop to zero. Turn off the power in your house. Don’t call anybody on the phone. Don’t buy any groceries, but if you do, just buy what you absolutely need. Don’t drive your car unless you have to, besides it’s a nice time of year to start walking. Don’t buy gas. Don’t go to the mall. Don’t do anything. And most importantly, don’t wait for your neighbor to join you. Right here, right now, just stop.

No one seems to stop and think about it, but the war machine that is killing Iraqis, killing our fellow Americans, and waging a relentless war on the middle class, can only do so with our assistance, our labor, our participation, and ultimately, our acquiescence. All you have to do is stop participating in that machine, and it will crumble. I, for one, have long ago grown tired of the blood on my hands. How about you?


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