Friday, March 17, 2006

Our Incompetent, Idiot, Liar President.

The non-partisan Pew Research Center has found that President Bush’s approval ratings are now at a record low of 33%. It leads one to wonder, “Georgie, how low can you go!”

But that isn’t the most interesting thing the Pew Research Center discovered. When asking the public to give one-word descriptions of President Bush, in May of 2003 52% of the public used a positive word, the most popular being, “Good”, “Christian”, and “Honest”.

Three years later, only 28% of the public used those words, or any positive words to describe him. In March of 2006 48% of the public used negative words to describe him, the most popular words being “Incompetent”, “Idiot”, and “Liar”. Others described him as “Arrogant”, “Ass”, “Jerk”, “Stupid”, “Selfish”, and “Untrustworthy”.


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