Sunday, March 12, 2006

President Bush: In His Own Words.

I would like to apologize to my readers for not updating my blog for some time. I have been quite busy as of late, and will continue to be, while my band records our new record.

That aside, I heard a clip of President Bush the other day on the Mike Malloy show, and was so utterly shocked by it, that I couldn’t help but sharing it with all of you.

Speaking of the devastation that STILL is not cleaned up in New Orleans, President Bush said:

“A lot of Mississippi has been cleaned up because a lot of the local folks decided to take that tact. Now the problem in Louisiana as far as debris clean up, is that, like in the lower Ninth, a lot of the people haven’t come back to their homes yet to seen the devastation. They’ve been displaced around the country. And until people are able to come home, and until people are clear about what the rules will be, and what the funding mechanism will be, you know, the debris removal will be slow. When we first got down there, the government will remove debris from public property, but not private…will pay to remove debris off of public property, but not private property. Simplest way to explain why not is you start removing debris off of private property and a guy shows up and says, ‘Where’s my million dollar necklace.’”

Don’t believe it? Here’s the audio.

Does anyone doubt that this nitwit jackass in the White House is white supremacist?


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