Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Jersey Suspends Executions.

New Jersey lawmakers voted yesterday to suspend all executions while a task forces examines the fairness and the cost of imposing the death penalty. The outgoing Governor, Richard J. Codey is expected to sign the bill before leaving office later this month.

The measure would create a 13-member commission to study the death penalty in New Jersey, and release their findings in November.

New Jersey has become the third state, behind Illinois and Maryland to suspend executions to examine the fairness of the death penalty.

State Senator Republican Diane Allen said that, “We’ve heard about people who have been put to death and were then found to be innocent. We’ve looked at the cost, which is enormously more for someone on death row than for a person who’s imprisoned for life without parole.”

In light of several recent cases in which death row prisoners have been exonerated, at least 12 other states have appointed commissions to study the fairness in which the death penalty is carried out. 38 states permit people to be sentenced to death.


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