Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Growing Disconnect Between US Generals And Washington.

UPI is reporting that there’s a US Generals are beginning to question if they can still conduct the war in Iraq, leaving them at odds with the administration in Washington.

I senior American general told UPI that, “I don’t know if I have the moral authority to send troops into combat anymore.” The general went on to say, “I’m no longer sure I can look (a soldier or a Marine) in the eye and say: ‘This is something worth dying for.’”

The general made the comments after visiting the nation’s capital, saying he had been asked politically loaded questions from both parities, each lawmaker seeking ammunition for their own political ends.

A civilian US official, who asked he not be named, said, “Everything that happens in Iraq is viewed in Washington through a prism of whether it is good for George W. Bush or bad.”

Lt. Col. Mike Gibler, said, “I am seeing signs that are frustrating to me.” The Army battalion commander stationed in Mosul said, “There are huge divides, and not only at the senior levels of government. There’s a competition for who wants to be the loudest voice to be heard regardless of what they say, regardless of what they know. I am seeing a change in our nation’s willingness to support this over the long haul.”


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