Monday, October 03, 2005

Another Republican Sees Record Low Approval Ratings.

This time it is not President Bush who is seeing new record lows in their approval ratings. This time it is the Republican Governor of Ohio.

The Associated Press is reporting that in the wake several convictions for his ethics violations, Republican Governor Bob Taft has seen his approval rating dip to just 15 percent. That’s right, just 15 percent, making him one of the most unpopular politicians in the history of political polling, and possibly the most unpopular Governor in the history of Ohio. Bob Taft is so unpopular he wishes he was as beloved as Tom DeLay.

Taft, the great-grandson of former President William Howard Taft, has seen his support fallen even among conservatives, with 75% of them disapproving of his performance. Frank Newport, the editor in chief of the Gallop Poll said, “Almost any figure who’s elected in a partisan election usually has at least some support from his party.” Newport went on to say, “It’s hard mathematically to get that low.”

Mark Rickel, a spokesman for Taft, said, “The governor doesn’t govern by polls.”


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