Sunday, October 02, 2005

Who Said Socialism Doesn’t Work?

Reuters is reporting that in a recent study from the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, Finland has topped the United States in it’s annual report of international economic competitiveness. Four other Nordic nations all ranked in the top 10 in the Forum’s 2005 Global Competitiveness Report including Sweden at number 3, Denmark at number 4, Iceland at number 7, and Norway at number 9.

The study of 117 nations, which is based on economic data and business opinion surveys, says that North European nations “are challenging the conventional wisdom that high taxes and large safety nets undermine competitiveness.”

The study ranked the United States 47th in the overall health of it’s economy, while the UN’s Human Development report found that Norway ranked overall as number 1, with the least inequality, while the United States has fallen from 8th place to 10th.


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