Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fifteen Traitors To The American Middle Class.

Yesterday CAFTA (the Central American Free Trade Agreement) passed the US House of Representatives by a vote of 217 to 215. You can now expect US jobs to be shipped to countries whose collective GDP is equal to Boston on a bad day. Of course, this bill would have not have passed without the help of fifteen key votes by Democratic members of the House. They are:

Melissa L. Bean, the 8th district of Illinois
Jim Cooper, the 5th district of Tennessee
Henry Cuellar, the 28th district of Texas
Norman D. Dicks, the 6th district of Washington
Ruben Hinojosa, the 15th district of Texas
William J. Jefferson, the 2nd district of Louisiana
Jim Matheson, the 2nd district of Utah
Gregory W. Meeks, the 6th district of New York
Dennis Moore, the 3rd district of Kansas
Jim Moran, the 8th district of Virginia
Solomon P. Ortiz, the 27th district of Texas
Ike Skelton, the 4th district of Missouri
Vic Snyder, the 2nd district of Arkansas
John Tanner, the 8th district of Tennessee
Edolphus Towns, the 10th district of New York

Let them know how you feel about them by calling them toll free at 1-877-SOB-U-SOB.


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