Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Poll Shows Bush’s Approval Ratings At All Time Lows.

Newsweek is reporting that Bush’s approval ratings have dropped to an all time low in their poll. The poll shows that only 38% of Americans approve of Bush job performance. Only 28% say they are “satisfied with the way things are going” in the country, another new record low. 57% say that the “government’s slow response” in New Orleans has made them lose confidence in the government’s ability to deal with another major natural disaster. 47% say it has made them lose confidence in the government’s ability to prevent another terrorist attack. 52% say they don’t trust Bush “to make the right decisions during a domestic crisis”. 65% of non-whites say that race was a factor in the handling of New Orleans. And the most shocking part of the poll asked if Congressional Elections were held today, who would you lean toward voting for. 50% said they would lean toward Democrats and only 38% said Republicans.


Anonymous G.Jackson said...

These poll numbers only show registered voters. So imagine how they might look if they included representation for the nearly 50% who feel there's no one worth voting for.

The truly sad part of this is, polls can suggest what they will, but only what Diebold and ESandS say counts.

7:51 PM  

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