Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ohio Did Not Elect Bush, But Selected Him.

Ohio still has yet to certify the vote and has yet to count 93,000 “spoiled” votes, 155,000 provisional ballots, or its absentee ballots. Just as in Florida in 2000, Ohio’s Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell has two roles, overseeing the vote in Ohio, and is the head of Bush’s re-election campaign in Ohio. If this isn’t disturbing as it is, in Gahanna, a precinct in Franklin County, Ohio, Bush received 4,258 votes to Kerry’s 260 votes. That’s quite an accomplishment for the Bush campaigners considering only 638 people voted in that precinct on election day. As we all know now, Kerry won the exit polls in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, and New Mexico, all states that went to Bush in the “official” results. Considering this: in other countries, such as Mexico, exit polls used to see if the election was tampered with. If the exit poll data does not closely reflect the actual results the assumption is that the election was rigged. Why is it the assumption by the US “liberal” media that it was the exit polls that were flawed, and not the election itself, especially considering what happened four years ago in Florida?


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