Tuesday, November 30, 2004

In The Election Debackle In Ukraine, I Keep Scratching My Head Saying, “What About Us?”

CNN recently REFUSED to run on a story on the election fraud in Florida, despite that Karen Hughes handed them extensive documents that that was the case. Republicans are getting better and better at this. Kathy Dopp has found something VERY interesting in Florida. Somehow, on all their Op-Scan precincts (and ONLY the Op-Scan precincts), nearly all the Democratic counties somehow magically went to Bush. The national average, as well as some places in Florida voted 90% with their party. Now, Florida registers voters by party. And somehow, something really weird happened in Baker county. Only 24.3% there were registered Republican, and 69.3% were registered Democrat. But somehow Bush got 7,738 votes and Kerry got 2,180.

I know, I know, maybe the people in Baker were somehow really well “informed” on who to vote for, or maybe they had a very active local church. But then you see the same pattern happen, over and over again.

In Bradford county with 28.3% Republicans and 61.4% Democrats, Bush got 7,553 votes and Kerry got 3,244 votes.

In Calhoun county with 11.9% Republicans and 82.4% Democrats, Bush got 3,780 votes and Kerry got 2,116 votes.

In Columbia county with 31.3% Republicans and 56.5% Democrats, Bush got 16,753 votes and Kerry got 8,029 votes.

In DeSoto county with 25.4% Republicans and 59.3% Democrats, Bush got 5,510 votes and Kerry got 3,910 votes.

In Dixie county with 15.0% Republicans and 77.5% Democrats, Bush got 4,433 votes and Kerry got 1,959 votes.

In Duval county with 36.9% Republicans and 46.2% Democrats, Bush got 218,476 votes and Kerry got 157,624 votes.

In Franklin county with 15.9% Republicans and 77.3% Democrats, Bush got 3,472 votes and Kerry got 2,400 votes.

In Gilchrist county with 30.4% Republicans and 58.6% Democrats, Bush got 4,930 votes and Kerry got 2,015 votes.

In Glades county with 24.8% Republicans and 64.8% Democrats, Bush got 1,983 votes and Kerry got 1,434 votes.

But here are my two favorites. In Lafayette county with just a measly 13.2% Republicans and a massive 82.8% Democrats, Bush got 2,460 votes and Kerry got 845 votes.

And In Liberty county with just a wee 7.9% Republicans and a huge 88.3% Democrats, Bush got 1,927 votes and Kerry got 1,070 votes.

You see the exact same pattern in Hamilton, Hardee, Hendry, Holmes, Jackson, Levy, Madison, Okeechobee, Osceola, Putnam, Suwannee, Taylor, Union, Wakulla, and Washington counties.

All of them went for Bush, even though they had more people registered as Democrats. It’s almost as if Florida switched the Kerry votes for Bush, and the Bush votes for Kerry. But of course, Jeb wouldn’t do that, would he?


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