Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why Illegal Immigration Is Funny.

On the immigration issue, everyone on the left should put this in perspective.

The common compliant is that illegals are taking our jobs. But WHOSE jobs? The vast majority of all illegals who come through the Mexican border live in the south. At the same time that this has happened significantly over the last 12 years much of our domestic manufacturing has gone overseas to find cheap labor. But within the United States itself there’s been another shift by manufacturers who are moving south to find cheap red neck labor. While Detroit and Flint, Michigan has been left in ruins by General Motors’ abandonment of Michigan, Hyundai has opened a factory in Montgomery, while Mercedes-Benz has opened another factory in Vance, Alabama. Is anyone complaining about the red necks who are taking our jobs?

With more and more illegals coming through our borders, most of the jobs they are taking are the jobs of white men who live in the south who vote overwhelmingly Republican. Latinos, on the other hand, vote 70% of the time with Democrats (yes, it‘s true!). This means that illegals are making life harder for red neck Republicans, and since the GOP is running all three branches of our government (please, kill me now!) then that makes them that much more likely to direct their anger at the GOP for making them compete with José.

Meanwhile, the GOP is falling apart. The smart nazis who want cheap labor for their business cronies are having to fight with the moron nazis who are beholden to their racist constituents. This entire issue is a blessing for the left, and nobody seems to realize it. Those of us on the left should be doing one thing and one thing only…that is stay as silent as possible, while giggling our asses off. That way later we can be free to blame the GOP on both sides of the issue.

If anything, we should be pushing for even more illegals to come into the border. Open the floodgate, and…here’s the kicker…give them all the right to vote before November.