Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Beginning? What This Blog Is, & What It Isn't.

It's been a few years since I posted here. I've been writing elsewhere, and quite frankly, blogging began to bore me. But I think I just figured out why.

Nitwit Planet was born with the idea that it would cover news stories that I thought needed to be told, but weren't. It would include some commentary on my part, but the main focus was reporting the news that I thought went under the radar.

I discovered that while I enjoyed telling others how I see the world around me, I disliked the job of unpaid journalist. That's not to say that I disrespect the profession. I have grown a new respect for it. But it's not for me.

So, going forward, I was thinking of posting my thoughts here from time to time. How I see the world. My thoughts on current events. If anything, it'll give me an outlet to vent. If you enjoy reading my venting, cool. If you want to vent to me, that's cool too, I just ask that you remain civil.